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Establishing a European Presence

Over 1000 overseas companies have established operations in Ireland. What Ireland is now achieving a knowledge driven, high value, open, flexible and responsive economy matches very well the strategic intentions of the many leading global businesses with whom we have developed strong relationships.

Ireland has been the leading recipient of inward investment from the US for several years straight now and organisations such as Apple, CitiGroup, Takeda, Wyeth, AOL and Microsoft establishing a significant presence in Ireland

Data Electronics have set our sights firmly on the North American market and we are pursuing an aggressive focus towards companies from this region who wish to establish a European presence but are unsure as to which Country let alone which City.

We have won some substantial contracts in the past 24 months and the largest of these inked in June 2005. (Details available on request)

We believe we can make the process of establishing a European presence timely and simple for you. We can introduce you to technology providers for all leading IT servers and systems or we can provide them as part of a managed services contract.

Either way we believe contacting Data Electronics could be the first step toward a highly successful overseas expansion for your company.

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