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Migrating to Data Electronics

Migration of your infrastructure can often appear overwhelming and problematic.  Addressing client anxiety in this area is a key, early step for Data Electronics.  Having carried out over 100 installations in our 30 years in business, our methodology has proven to minimise downtime. Companies considering a migration from a data centre who have failed to meet their critical business needs, need not compound worries by assuming it involves prohibitive risk.

Our engineering team take full responsibility and cover all costs associated with migration when clients decide to relocate their systems to Data Electronics.  A comprehensive Project Plan - detailing all aspects of the migration including DNS changes, IP changes, documentation, and assigned responsibilities - will be created and agreed with the client beforehand.  A technical and business risk analysis - prior to migration - is given paramount priority. 

Data Electronics assures peace of mind - given our history of excellent planning and precision during the migration process. A best practice, step-by-step written migration plan will ensure that your IT & Telecommunications systems will be re-established within Irelandís leading data centre provider via a streamlined, time-tested process.

Data Electronics, as a matter of course, work closely with existing contractors involved in your relocation in order to provide a written migration document that covers;

  • Backing up of your environment

  • Ensuring your environment is fully documented

  • Appropriate IT transport specialists are scheduled to move all equipment

  • All DNS matters are managed by our engineering team to ensure rapid reestablishment of your business on the web

  • All cabinets, cabling, power and cooling requirements are dealt with ahead of time at our data centre

  • All bandwidth needs are in place and fully tested ahead of going live

  • Senior engineering team is at hand in order to establish your environment to a perfect operational status

  • All documentation is completed and stored securely in the customer notebook and customer portal

For further information as to how we can help to service your business moving forward please Contact Us

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