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Applications, which were considered in the past as being non-critical, are becoming more and more business critical today. This growth in complexity urged Data Electronics to introduce appropriately designed  managed services to take on part or all management in areas such as; Operating Systems (Microsoft, Unix, Linux etc), Databases (Oracle, SQL), Mail (MS Exchange) and applications such as Citrix.

Our certified team of 26+ engineers who operate a 24x7 shift system provide that vital support to clients. Our customers enjoy these benefits especially out of hours and weekends when their businesses continue to need application availability but might not necessarily have trained staff on-hand or even on-call. Equally many of our clients are based internationally and do not have people present in Ireland or Europe for that matter.

In adopting our managed services offering, our clients can utilise world leading technical staff 24 hours a day. All Managed Services procedures are controlled under ISO standards. Our fully trained staff can then ensure that patches are applied, systems are available and data is backed-up. Engineering can advise when a client should consider upgrading their hardware to ensure availability is not compromised due to performance bottlenecks. This is our core business and we can bring the benefit to your business for a lot less than you might think.

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