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Managed Backup

A managed backup service can be tailored to meet customer needs. All local servers can be connected to the backup controller (CommVault) through a Giga Ethernet LAN. Backup schedules can be defined and then run automatically.

Intelligent agents are used on a local server to interface with the backup server. Choice of a variety of pre-designed agents for specific server types (i.e web, file, database) are available. Intelligent agents provide seamless backups and practically eliminate I/O loads on a server.

CommVault backups are encrypted by default, providing increased security. The architecture is designed to ensure data restorability in the event of disk crashes, application and user errors, viruses and web site sabotage. Our clients can backup and recover data, scalable to their requirements. This service can be integrated with a SAN solution or data can be written directly to tape.

Tape Backup:
Data Electronics provide on site and off site tape rotation services. This is achieved using a dedicated Network Interface Card in a client server (NIC) and passing traffic over a secure VLAN connection to our back-up infrastructure (Dell LT02 Tape Library). Data is stored to a dedicated tape, which can be stored within the data centre or off-site in a secured facility.

SAN Solution:
Critical servers such as databases often utilise our Managed SAN Service. Therefore, backups can take place directly via the existing fibre channel infrastructure, which exists between the SAN and the LTO tape library.

Furthermore, Hitachi’s True-Copy product allows us to take ‘point-in-time’ snapshots, which do not require a service window. True Copy can be used to replicate all customer data from one SAN to another.

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