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A co-location facility offers companies a secure place to physically house their hardware and equipment as opposed to locating it in their offices or warehouse where they are exposed to fire, theft, power outages, and communication outages.

Data Electronics provide a superior co location service from our state of the art Data Centre at Kilcarbery Park, Dublin, Ireland.

Data Electronics guarantees core utility services to our clients and commits to 100% availability for Power, Cooling and Internet Bandwidth. We stand by these guarantees and offer SLA’s for included items which are free to our clients. This includes remote hands services, which sees our 24x7 staff providing assistance with items such as reboots and phone support including basic command line instructions.

Access to your infrastructure is available 24x7 with no notification and no charge. All we ask is that you follow the security procedures which are in place to protect you and your business.

Data Electronics Colocation package Includes the provision of the following:

  • 19” standard cabinet (42Ux600x900)
  • Redundant power (A&B)
  • Power usage charges are included - up to 2.2KW per cabinet
  • Power is guaranteed under SLA at 100% availability 
  • A constant temperature is maintained on the data centre floor by N+1 Close Control Units 
  • All cooling charges (again up to 2.2KW) are included in the colocation charges 
  • Each cabinet has front and rear-locking perforated doors 
  • Each cabinet can contain up to 16 A and 16 B sockets 
  • FREE 24x7 Access to the data centre (NO NOTIFICATION REQUIRED) 
  • Security includes extensive internal & external CCTV management 
  • Dual Fire Detection - both standard and VESDA
  • Inergen is used for fire suppression
  • Extensive leak detection systems are in place

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