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Data Electronics cable infrastructure has been designed to meet industry best practice.

All power and network cabling runs under the raised floor in the Data Electronics facility, along different cable runs, to avoid crosstalk and similar problems. All network and power distribution panels, switches, DXCs, etc. are accessible by operations technicians and remain locked at all times.

All fibre in the Data Centre is laid on open baskets and carried in plastic trunking with an external coiled metal jacket.

A two tier tray system, separated by a minimum distance of 6 metres, run the length of the data centre floor. These are known as the East and West baskets. A second tray system separated by a minimum distance of 6 metres, run the width of the data centre floor. These are known as the North and South baskets. UTP, Coax and copper cables run on the same baskets described above, but without trunking.

Data Electronics has 2 Meet-Me-Room facilities in operation within Kilcarbery Park, which has redundancy and diversity built into its design. The patch panels are redundant and diversely located in the rooms in such a manner that the redundant panels and paths will continue to function in the event of fire or other disaster.

All carriers entering the building take a dedicated (closed) cabinet position within the Meet-Me-Room, which houses their transmission equipment.

Carriers who need to cross connect to our MESH, to other carriers or to individual Data Electronics' customers, do so by patching from their cabinet to dedicated demarcation points on the main distribution panel. 

Data Electronics takes the lead from here and provides fully redundant fibre or copper connections to customer cabinets and manages these on a 7x24x365 basis.

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